Heartland Harmony- Family Haven Transformation

Transforming a Family Haven with First-Floor Kitchen Renovation and 2nd Story Expansion, Including 2 Bathrooms

In the heart of Kirkwood, MO, a family suburb of St. Louis, this home underwent a transformative renovation, redefining the essence of family living. This comprehensive project was tailored to meet the unique needs of the homeowners, blending modern design elements with the warmth of a family-oriented haven.

The focal points of this endeavor included a meticulous renovation of the kitchen and the addition of a captivating second floor, crowned by a stylish whiskey bar. The kitchen, now a culinary masterpiece, seamlessly marries functionality with contemporary aesthetics. The second floor not only expanded living space but also introduced a curated whiskey bar, adding a touch of sophistication to the home.

This project was conceived with hosting in mind, creating a home that not only accommodates the daily rhythms of family life but also invites guests into a welcoming and stylish environment. The result is a harmonious fusion of architectural innovation and interior design, delivering a residence that reflects the homeowners’ vision, elevating their living experience in every detail.


Kirkwood, MO

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