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Elevating Town & Country Living: Our Modern Home Renovation


Town & Country, St. Louis, MO

Sq ft: 4,300 sq ft total (3,800 existing with 550 sq ft addition)
Project Type: Renovation of Kitchen/Great Room, Den, Master Suite, Kid Bedrooms, and Bathrooms

Homeowner Requests:

  • Open up the first floor for flow, space, and entertainment
  • Combine dining and kitchen into one space
  • Add a sauna and ice bath in the master bath
  • Enlarge the master closet
  • Add a small den for TV and reading

Schneider Builder Solutions:

To meet the homeowner’s requests, we designed an open-concept layout for the first floor, merging the kitchen and dining areas to create a spacious environment ideal for entertaining. In the master suite, we incorporated a luxurious master bath featuring a sauna and ice bath, expanded the master closet, and added a cozy den separated by a glass wall for an airy yet private space.


Special Home Features:

  • Sliding Stone Panels Concealing Spice Racks: These unique panels provide a sleek and modern look while offering practical storage solutions in the kitchen.
  • Glass Wall Separation of Den and Hallway: This feature allows for natural light flow and maintains an open feel while creating distinct living spaces.
  • Concealed Pantry Door in Wood Panel Wall: A seamless design element that keeps the pantry hidden, contributing to the kitchen’s clean and modern aesthetic.

Let’s Build Together!

At Schneider Building Group, we bring years of experience and expertise to every project. We provide personalized service to meet your unique needs, using the latest design trends and construction techniques. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures superior results, while transparent communication keeps you informed throughout the process.

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